Ensure stable business of your company - use flexible conditions for financing working capital and permanent working capital

Working capital and permanent working capital (PWC) loan

  • Increase the turnover and income with cash flow, finance the procurement of supplies, pay the liabilities to suppliers, for exports, refinance your own investments, etc.
  • Use flexible lending conditions Repayment periods, currencies

More information about the working capital and permanent working capital (PWC) loan:

  • We offer you funds for financing working capital, exports, supplies, claims, liabilities to suppliers, refinancing liabilities and loans from other banks and for other purposes
  • Use the flexible repayment method (bullet, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual)
  • You can repay the loan in accordance with the process of working capital conversion, with the possibility of obtaining a grace period
  • Funds are available in the currency which suits your needs (RSD, RSD indexed to EUR or EUR)

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