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Overdraft facility

  • We offer you funds above the amount available in your current account, at any moment and without previous announcement
  • Use them when necessary, several times and repay them by maturity, without an obligation to announce the purpose
  • Approved funds are easily accessible around the clock, without going to the bank

More information about the overdraft facility:

  • An overdraft facility for financing occasional needs for additional working capital or occasionally financing current liquidity, up to the amount of the approved overdraft
  • Use the funds for up to 36 months, with simple repayment, automatically, on a daily basis from the current inflow to the account
  • You will be approved the maximum amount in accordance with your credit standing
  • On the day of the maturity of the agreement, your account needs to have a positive or zero balance
An overdraft facility is available with an RSD current account

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