Coronavirus (COVID -19)
Important information

Dear clients and web site visitors,


Due to the occurrence of corona virus in Serbia, the health and well-being of all our clients and employees are the top priority to us. In order to protect you, to a maximum extent, in accordance with the recommendations of the competent authorities, we have taken additional preventive measures of protection, and increased the hygiene at the highest level in all our branches.

Also, please be advised that, in the following period, all banking activities may be executed through mBanking  and NetBanking services available 24/7, as well as to, pursuant to the advice of the World Health Organisation, use payment cards rather than cash.

If your visit to any of Erste Bank's branches is necessary, we kindly ask you to follow these everyday preventative actions:

  • in the event of queue at the branch, please wait in front of the branch until the queue gets smaller,
  • if you already queue, please maintain the recommended distance of 1-2 metres between you and other clients,
  • please do not shake hands with the branch personnel,
  • please use the disinfection agents set on the visible place in each of our branches,
  • after the ATM use, wash your hands well,
  • if you have cold or if you are ill, please postpone your visit to the branch for another day.

If you need any support, additional information, or if you have any question or suggestion, please write to us at or call us:

  • 0800 201 201 for calls from Serbia (toll free call for all networks)
  • +38160 48 48 000 for calls from abroad

We shall be pleased to listen to you.

Until then, take care of yourself, your health and the health of your family.


Yours Erste Bank.