We believe in the right kind of support.

I often mention that, in contrast to the vicious circle, which is familiar to all of us, a “virtuous circle” exists as well, and reflects a repeating sequence of events that create an ever-increasing effect of prosperity. Today, in a situation like this, we want to become a part of that circle.

While it is true that no one can still predict the extent of the impact of the pandemic we have faced, at the time when the whole world faces the crisis, it is crucial that all of us show a great deal of solidarity not only in the field of health, but also in the fields of economy and education, and as far as sharing positive experiences is concerned.

All of this made us wonder if we can contribute in any other way. Across our country, many entrepreneurs and firms had to slow down their businesses due to the pandemic, ranging from startups to family businesses that have been operating successfully for decades. Many of them have employees that have built these companies with them from the beginning, dreamed the same idea and dared to venture into the uncertain world of business. 

Many of them are our clients with whom we have worked closely almost every day for many years, and by whom we stand in good, but also in challenging times such as this one. 

Having utmost respect for their struggles, we have decided to start a chain of solidarity and do something beyond the general responsibilities of a bank. 

The need for payment transactions, loans and savings will never cease, but is there a need to advertise all these products at this very moment? 

It might be better to invest the time needed for advertising such products into some of our clients. But the time for the right kind of support is right now. In such a way, we aspire to encourage the others to act as well, to inspire them to offer support if they are in the position to do so, and to continue the chain of solidarity. 

We have selected a number of clients with inspiring courage, innovativeness, passion and enthusiasm.  They believe in themselves, their employees and what they create.

We helped them become even more visible so that you may get to know their stories and what they channel all their efforts into. All of that to inspire you, as they did us. 

Because our country needs people who believe in themselves. And the Bank that believes in them.

Slavko Carić, Erste Bank Executive Committee President

Šumska tajna - Stanišić BIO

In 2017, Nikola Stanišić, a young entrepreneur from Novi Sad, with the help of his parents began producing spreads from organic forest mushrooms under the brand “Šumska tajna”, as he was fully aware of the importance of a healthy diet and guided by the idea of expanding the choice of healthy food supplies in our market. 

Owing both to the variety of mushrooms grown in our country and Nikola's streak of innovativeness, several types of spreads are offered - with the taste of porcini, chanterelle, black chanterelle, morels and black truffle. In line with the “Stanišić Bio” founding idea, all products are animal-free, vegan and premium quality, meaning they are gluten-free, as well as that they contain cold-pressed olive oil and Himalayan salt. 

The increase in demand for healthy food supplies, as well as the successful results he was able to achieve with the spread, encouraged the young entrepreneur to expand his product range with hummus, fruit spreads, honey, teas, flours and other organic products made from unsprayed raw materials. 

After only a year, the products of the “Šumska tajna” brand found their place on the shelves of 300 retail stores in Serbia. The fact that exports to the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, America and Montenegro ensued already at the end of the first business year is a proof that quality is never left in the shadows. 

In order to make the products accessible to as many clients as possible, they can be purchased at the website www.sumskatajna.rs, as well as through the website amazon.com.

Šumska tajna on „Facebook“

Šumska tajna on „Instagram“

Dogma Brewery

“Dogma Brewery”, a Belgrade brewery, produces high-quality craft beers using natural ingredients. They state they mix knowledge, love, imagination, experience, but also lucidity in their fermentors. In 2015, Vladimir Stojkovic, a young engineer from Majdanpek, got the idea to start the brewery. 

“In the fall of the same year, an initiative was sparked through a spontaneous conversation when we realized the potential of combining his knowledge of the beer world and my knowledge of marketing and the field of brand creation. Thus, we have decided to create a product people will recognize, love and enjoy. That is how Dogma was born,” says Mlađen Merdović, one of the two founders of “Dogma Brewery”.

Until recently, “Dogma” relied on standard supply channels - direct sales to caterers and sales in the so-called Tap room in the catering part of the brewery itself. However, the current crisis period has opened the door to another, hitherto unexplored channel for this product type, which is online sales. Thus, the Dogma Online shop has been launched. 

In addition to becoming synonymous with craft beer both in Serbia and the region in such a short period, this brewery also aims at soon becoming a leader in the field of responsible business.

In addition to packaging and bottling beer in creatively designed glass packaging, the offer has been expanded to cans since last year, which is a pioneering venture on the Serbian craft scene, as well as their biggest recent business investment for which they received credit support by Erste Bank. In addition to preserving the quality properties of unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, and being easy to cool and transfer, cans can be recycled indefinitely. 

Further info on “Dogma Brewery” can be found on their official website, https://www.dogmabrewery.com/, as well as on their social media.