We believe in the right kind of support.

I often mention that, in contrast to the vicious circle, which is familiar to all of us, a “virtuous circle” exists as well, and reflects a repeating sequence of events that create an ever-increasing effect of prosperity. Today, in a situation like this, we want to become a part of that circle.

While it is true that no one can still predict the extent of the impact of the pandemic we have faced, at the time when the whole world faces the crisis, it is crucial that all of us show a great deal of solidarity not only in the field of health, but also in the fields of economy and education, and as far as sharing positive experiences is concerned.

We believe in the right kind of support.

In this TV spot you can see and hear the stories of „Stanišić bio“, „Dolovac Organic“, „Stotex“, „Dogma Brewery“, „DPC Hemigal“ and „NS-Steel“ companies. 

Šumska tajna - Stanišić BIO

In 2017, Nikola Stanišić, a young entrepreneur from Novi Sad, with the help of his parents began producing spreads from organic forest mushrooms under the brand “Šumska tajna”, as he was fully aware of the importance of a healthy diet and guided by the idea of expanding the choice of healthy food supplies in our market. 

Owing both to the variety of mushrooms grown in our country and Nikola's streak of innovativeness, several types of spreads are offered - with the taste of porcini, chanterelle, black chanterelle, morels and black truffle. In line with the “Stanišić Bio” founding idea, all products are animal-free, vegan and premium quality, meaning they are gluten-free, as well as that they contain cold-pressed olive oil and Himalayan salt. 

The increase in demand for healthy food supplies, as well as the successful results he was able to achieve with the spread, encouraged the young entrepreneur to expand his product range with hummus, fruit spreads, honey, teas, flours and other organic products made from unsprayed raw materials. 

After only a year, the products of the “Šumska tajna” brand found their place on the shelves of 300 retail stores in Serbia. The fact that exports to the Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, America and Montenegro ensued already at the end of the first business year is a proof that quality is never left in the shadows. 

In order to make the products accessible to as many clients as possible, they can be purchased at the website www.sumskatajna.rs, as well as through the website amazon.com.

Šumska tajna on „Facebook“

Šumska tajna on „Instagram“

Dogma Brewery

“Dogma Brewery”, a Belgrade brewery, produces high-quality craft beers using natural ingredients. They state they mix knowledge, love, imagination, experience, but also lucidity in their fermentors. In 2015, Vladimir Stojkovic, a young engineer from Majdanpek, got the idea to start the brewery. 

“In the fall of the same year, an initiative was sparked through a spontaneous conversation when we realized the potential of combining his knowledge of the beer world and my knowledge of marketing and the field of brand creation. Thus, we have decided to create a product people will recognize, love and enjoy. That is how Dogma was born,” says Mlađen Merdović, one of the two founders of “Dogma Brewery”.

Until recently, “Dogma” relied on standard supply channels - direct sales to caterers and sales in the so-called Tap room in the catering part of the brewery itself. However, the current crisis period has opened the door to another, hitherto unexplored channel for this product type, which is online sales. Thus, the Dogma Online shop has been launched. 

In addition to becoming synonymous with craft beer both in Serbia and the region in such a short period, this brewery also aims at soon becoming a leader in the field of responsible business.

In addition to packaging and bottling beer in creatively designed glass packaging, the offer has been expanded to cans since last year, which is a pioneering venture on the Serbian craft scene, as well as their biggest recent business investment for which they received credit support by Erste Bank. In addition to preserving the quality properties of unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, and being easy to cool and transfer, cans can be recycled indefinitely. 

Further info on “Dogma Brewery” can be found on their official website, https://www.dogmabrewery.com/, as well as on their social media.


The company "Stotex" from Stari Banovci produces quality textile products for equipment of both households and hotels. Their offer is diverse and tailored to customers, and includes bedspreads, pillows, draperies, curtains and bedding, as well as products made from terry, such as towels and bathrobes.

They take special care of the elegance, color and design of every single model, but also of their specifics, so the offer includes a pillow with the addition of lavender for restless and undisturbed sleep, anti-allergic bedding, as well as extremely soft, highly absorbent towels.

In addition to the use of quality materials, they believe that professionalism, development and use of new technologies are crucial for the excellent quality of their products, as well as education and training of employees.

A team of "Stotex" experts tests and analyzes each material before it enters into production, taking into account its composition, weight and shrinking. With a view to preserving the environment, they use the most modern technology for printing and dyeing products.

They value the trust of their customers, so they communicate with them regularly to find out what their needs and wishes are, as well as to improve and expand their range on the basis of such interaction.

For example, in the ‘Design Studio’ section on the company's website, you can participate in the creation of future Stotex products, i.e. the products for equipping your living space and making it more beautiful.

"Stotex" products can be bought in stores throughout Serbia, as well as on the markets in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stotex on „Facebook“

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Dolovac Organic

Startup Dolovac Organic is a family firm based in Futog, which is run by 26-year-old Ana Dolovac with the help of her closest ones: father Milenko, mother Dragana and brother Stefan.

The firm produces organic food, fruits and vegetables, with emphasis on fruit drying and squeezing, i.e. production of organic fruit rolls and pure organic juices.

With a view to improving the products, Ana completed the Organic Agriculture studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. Numerous researches that she conducted during her Bachelor thesis preparation contributed to the improvement of the business in which she has been engaged for 7 years already.

In its production, Dolovac Organic uses exlusively first-class raw materials from the family organic orchard. They started out as a farm who sold their products on the marketplace, but now their products have found their place in trade chains throughout Serbia. Along the way, they have improved their products and learned how the market functions. Also, they have recently positioned themselves on various online sales platforms.

Ana is not only a very young firm owner who offers new products on the market but also a young person dedicated to agricultural production, despite the common belief that young people are not interested in this industry.

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DCP Hemigal

The DCP Hemigal company from Leskovac was founded as a small private firm of Živorad Denić, the founder and owner, who started the production of skin and hair care cosmetics with two other employees in a small rented space in 1995.

Throughout the years, the company has developed continuously, and adhered to the basic principles of success: following global and Serbian trends on the cosmetics market, refraining from compromises in terms of product quality, implementing strict internal production controls, and ensuring efficient transport of products to customers.

Until June 2006, DCP Hemigal operated at several locations in Leskovac. Since then, the complete production, as well as development and quality control laboratories and warehouses have all been moved to a single new facility that has been designed to meet the requirements of good practice with regard to the production of cosmetics.

Along with the brands such as Pavlogal, Fitogal, Ina Bella, Eliot and Abbronzare, their products are offered both in our country and on the markets of neighboring countries. They are fully committed to product quality, and they have a deep understanding and knowledge of the needs of consumers of both sexes and all ages.

They state they are most proud of the satisfaction and trust of their consumers.

Pavlogal brand on “Facebook” and “Instagram”

Fitogal brand on “Facebook” and"Instagram”


The NS-Steel company, which is based in Veternik, guarantees quality with regard to the provision of machine processing services, as well as the production of important parts of industrial plants.

It was established from the independent metal processing shop “Sremac”, which was founded in 1989, and has established successful cooperation with many renowned companies both in our country and in the region.

Over time, as demand increased, the need to expand the capacities of machine processing grew, and the trend of placing products on foreign markets grew proportionally. Thus, in 2007, a decision was made to enter the market with a new name - NS Steel.

NS-Steel representatives state they continuously maintain and improve successful cooperation with their partners, as well as that they work on further improvement of their business and expansion of their references. They stress that they win over their clients and partners with their motto, which refers to daily implementation of higher quality of business and professionalism.

Nowadays, their production program includes the production of important parts that are used and integrated in plants in various industries, ranging from oil and graphic, through agriculture and process, all the way to chemical and food industries.

They primarily provide services in the field of machine processing, production of gear parts and machine locksmithing, and they also offer their customers cutting services for various types of materials with water jet - Water Jet technology. Within their machine center they also have a specialized service for turbocharger repair.

They state they are most proud of the satisfaction and trust of their consumers.

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