Privacy Protection

Personal data collection

Personal data collection when browsing internet pages of Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad ( website (hereinafter: web pages) is anonymous, and no data which could identify you is collected.

We will specifically emphasise when your data are needed for the provision of service requested by you. Personal data collected through web pages may include your name and surname, tax identification number, firm or organisation number, address, telephone, e-mail address, employment data, data on your card, and other data, as necessary. Erste Bank a.d. (hereinafter Bank) automatically collects data on your device. These data may include type of your browser, IP address, domain name, access time, and web page addresses. These data are used by the Bank to offer, maintain, and improve service quality, and statistical data are collected in connection with use of its web pages.

Collected data are processed by the Bank, as Controller, in sense of the Personal Data Protection Law (“Official Gazette of RS", no. 87/2018), for the same purpose for which they have been provided, specifically, analysis of web page visit and provision of adequate information to its clients on products and services offered. Also, collected data may be used by the Bank to improve user service, ensure simple web site use by eliminating need for repeated insertion of same data, as well as to adjust its web page to users’ needs and interests.

The Bank does not sell, lease, or borrow personal data of users of its web pages to third parties, and it protects them from any unauthorised access. If you accept cookies use, your personal data may be forwarded by the Bank to its reliable business partners for specific reasons such as statistical analyses, advertising, user support, etc. In such cases, the Bank will prohibit its business partner to use your personal data for any other purpose other than the agreed one, and it will bind its business partner to keep personal data confidential.

When inserting personal data in web page fields provided for such inserting, you will be referred to this Privacy Protection to be further informed on your rights in the field of personal data protection. In any case, you are, in accordance with the Law, entitled to access your data as well as to request data correction, updating, copy, deletion, processing restriction, data transfer to other controller, file complaint regarding processing, and to file claim to the Commissioner.

In accordance with the above, please be informed that Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad, Bulevar Oslobodjenja 5, TIN: 101626723, TIN: 08063818, is, in accordance with the business activity performed, personal data controller.

As the controller of personal data of its clients and other persons whose data are necessary to the Bank for the execution of its business obligations, the Bank is responsible for the protection of such data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (“Official Gazette of RS", no. 87/2018), effective from 21 August 2019.

For any issues and for exercising your rights in connection with processing of your personal data, please contact the Bank through all regular communication channels (visit to branch, call center contact, etc.) or directly contact Personal Data Protection Expert by e-mail address or Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad address, Milutina Milankovića 3a, Novi Beograd - for Personal Data Protection Expert.

Processing data in mBanking

Erste mBanking is an Erste Bank mobile banking service which enables the user to perform and view financial transactions, as well as check account balance. In order to perform payment transactions through the use of the said payment instrument (legal basis - execution of the contract concluded with the data subject); the Bank needs to have access to the personal data of the client that uses the application. This data is considered to be personal data in the sense of the Law on Personal Data Protection, and in the sense of the Law on Banks, it is considered to be a business secret. The data is used exclusively for the purpose of payment transaction realization, improvement of business cooperation with clients, development of services and products, as well as for the purpose of conducting research and analyses for the needs of the Bank.  This is regulated by the Framework Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank.

With a view to ensuring better functionality, mBanking application uses Crashlytics, a service provided by Firebase, which is a company owned by Google Inc. Firebase Crashlytics does not fall into the category of services that process personal data of mBanking application users. Crashlytics delivers anonymous information about malfunctions and defects in application usage performance with a view to timely removing malfunctions and defects, as well as ensuring a stable use of the mBanking application. Crashlytics automatically stores the provided information without being able to identify the ultimate user of the application. The data transmitted to Crashlytics is neither stored and transmitted to other services and sources nor is it joined to other data available to Google.

Cookie policy

For an internet page to work correctly and be improved in terms of enhancing user experience when browsing, it is necessary to store a minimum amount of information on your computer, tablet, or mobile device (cookies).

By using this web page, you consent to the use of cookies.

If you block them, you are still able to browse the page, but with limited functionalities.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information stored on a computer, tablet, or mobile device at the time of browsing visited web page. Cookies simplify the use since they facilitate internet settings (language or address) so the pages activate them once they are reloaded. In that way, information is tailored to your needs and usual manner of use.

Apart from simple information related to easier administration, cookies may store a number of personal data to which you must give prior consent. If you have not given consent, cookies cannot access files on your device. Activities of cookies preparation and sending are not visible, but in the settings of your selected internet browser you can select different options, such as approval or rejection of request for cookie storage, deletion of stored cookies, etc.

What are transient cookies?

Transient or session cookies are removed from your device when you close the browser used for viewing the web page. With these cookies, web pages collect temporary data.

What are persistent cookies?

Persistent cookies remain on your device even after you close the web browser. With these cookies, web pages collect data in order to facilitate their use. For example, web pages which require user name and password will "remember" your entry which will appear each time you visit the same page. Persistent cookies may remain stored on a computer for a longer time period until they are removed/deleted by you.

What are same-site cookies?

Same-site cookies come from the web page you are browsing and they may be transient or persistent. In that way, web pages collect data which facilitate the use when re-visiting the web page.

What are third-party cookies?

Third-party cookies come to your device from other web places which are on the web pages you browse. These are, for example, pop-up ads and, in such case, the role of cookies is to follow certain web page from the advertising standpoint.

Does this web page use cookies and what kind of cookies is used?

Yes, this web page uses cookies in order to ensure simpler and better user experience, as follows:

Transient cookies which will be automatically deleted when closing the web browser you are using;

Persistent cookies which will remain "stored" in your web browser until they expire or until you delete them.

Collected information is anonymous and does not include your personal data.

Are there third-party cookies in the web page?

There are several external tools (WebTrekk, Google analytics, and Hotjar) which collect cookies to a certain extent and are not a part of the settings of this web page. They enable smooth use of all functionalities, as well as simple access to the content.

(Third party) Cookies help us improve the web page use providing us data on users’ visits, parts of the most visited pages, number of visits from various sources or organic search (for example, Google Search). Third party cookies used by the web page are completely anonymous, and you may not be personally identified. Advanced data analysis settings (which include demographic data and users’ interest data) facilitate service improvement, and provide information on new products and services you may use.

Product and service advertising based on web page user interest

To be able to provide you with relevant information on our products and services, we use third party cookies for remarketing (retargeting), target advertising based on your interest to be aware of the content you have seen on the web page.

These data may be used by us for the purpose of our advertising campaigns on third party web pages. In such case, we may receive feedback on the web pages of our marketing partners in which you have seen our advertisements. Also, third parties may become aware that you have visited our web page.

How to control cookies?

Turning off cookies, you prevent cookies collection on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Cookies settings may be set and edited in the internet browser of your choice. You need to be aware that the majority of browsers offer various privacy types (such as allowing first party cookies, as well as third party cookies blocking) or you are informed by such browsers every time the web page wants to set cookies. Please note that disabling cookies prevents setting of new cookies, but it will not remove already set cookies on your device unless you delete all of the cookies in the browser settings. If you decide to disable cookies, perhaps you may find that some parts of the web page do not function in accordance with desired expectations.

Instruction on cookies administration for the most frequently used web browsers may be found on the following pages:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Additional info - All About Cookies

Final provisions

This Privacy Protection Statement solely refers to the collection of personal data and collection of cookies by the Bank.

The Bank shall reserve the right to change this Privacy Protection Statement. All changes will be published on the web page of the Bank. Please check for changes of this Privacy Protection Statement from time to time, in order to be promptly informed of its changes.