Corporate social responsibility

Who are we?

We are a member of Erste Group, a financial institution with a tradition of almost 200 years.

What is our corporate philosophy? We foster and insist on corporate social responsibility, as an integral part of a long-term business strategy, both locally and at the level of the whole Group.

We invest in long-term and stable relationships with all stakeholders, actively contributing to the development and welfare of the society of which we are an integral part.

Why do we insist on the concept of corporate social responsibility? It is a concept which encourages us to be innovative, to support sustainable development, to manage risks reliably and decrease costs.

Thereby, we achieve better business results for our clients and the company, but also for the communities in which we work.

We promote the concept of corporate social responsibility leading by example, as well as through intensive cooperation with partners from the public and non-profit sector.

We are a member of the initiatives which advocate corporate social responsibility in Serbia, such as the UN Global Compact for Serbia and the Business Leaders Forum.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, adopted for the period 2015-2021, is based on the following principles:

• Connection with core business

• Balance

• Holistic approach

• Integrative approach

Fields through which we implement the Strategy are the following:

• Corporate governance

• Responsibility towards clients

• Responsibility in working environment

• Responsibility in supply chain

• Responsibility towards local communities

• Responsibility towards the environment

We invest in the transparency of business operation and promotion of the corporate social responsibility concept:

Reporting on corporate social responsibility is for us an integral part of a wider process to which we are committed in the long run.

Our goal is continuous improvement of the strategies of corporate social responsibility and socially responsible practices.

Since 2008, we have regularly published annual corporate social responsibility reports, clearly and transparently presenting all activities and initiatives implemented during the past year and announcing upcoming plans and programmes.

Please send any additional questions, comments and suggestions related to corporate social responsibility to the following e-mail address:

Corporate Social Responsibility reports