Do you know your advantages, what it is that you are better at than the others? We will help you identify them and highlight them in your career!

Development at Erste Bank

Erste Bank provides its employees with a possibility to manage their own career and continuously work on the development of personal and professional competencies.

Enabling working environment, with constant trainings, education and challenging experiences helps shape the employees in the professional sense.

Regardless of the manner you learn and develop, it is important to us that you enjoy it.

Everyone who works at Erste Bank primarily serves people, due to which we like to inspire all who work for us to participate proactively in personal development.

Professional training

Erste Bank provides its employees with the possibility to attend tailor-made professional training.

·         Use the possibility to attend different trainings, from structured, highly professional ones to job rotation or participation in international working groups

·         Give yourself a possibility of working in a multicultural environment, learning from your colleagues and sharing your knowledge.

Internal job market

As a part of our efforts to encourage mobility at Erste Group and become the most attractive employer in the market, we offer you the possibility to join the internal job market in all seven countries.

If you are our employee, you have a chance to apply for vacancies in Erste Group, with our support in your personal development.

Talent pool management

Talents are employees with above-average work performance, showing great potential for future development. We believe that if you enjoy what you do and bring passion and commitment into your personal development, you can be singled out as one of our talents.

True potential does not come from your status or formal education, but from your skills and actions.

Development at Erste Group

Open new possibilities for your career by participating in some of talent programmes of Erste Group.

Gain access to modern career development and support programmes and use the priceless networking platform.

Diverse education abroad provides you with the possibility of intensive learning and thinking, as well as gaining and exchanging experiences with colleagues from abroad.

The programme designed in this manner helps bring the next generation of leaders to a new level in terms of leadership culture, sense of common purpose, common values and attitudes.

As one of the programme participants once said:

"...we have been looking and learning a lot, but what is most important and what will last is that we've got to know each other better; we have learned to understand and accept different opinions; we let go of some of our prejudices and now we know who to come to if we have a problem".