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We encourage creativity, invest into employee development and nurture an inclusive and healthy work environment.

As one of the leading financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, we consider social responsibility to be an integral part of a long-term business strategy.

If you believe in yourself and recognize yourself in our values and purpose, our bank is the right place for you.


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Why become a part of Erste Bank?

Education and development 

As Erste Bank employees, we attend trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences and webinars - Whether  they are organized within Erste Bank, Erste Group or externally.

Home office

Erste Bank has one of the most contemporary business organization methods; in addition to the office landscape space, Erste team offers the benefit of home office for colleagues whose nature of work allows so. 

Organizational culture

Support, responsibility, trust, innovativeness and creativity - we are guided by these values while doing business with clients, but also by mutual relations in the Erste team. On the basis of such values, we create the bank of the future and live our purpose, which ensures prosperity, financial stability and security for all citizens.

Business travels  

As a part of the largest banking groups in CEE, we spend a great deal of time socializing with our colleagues, visiting the countries where Erste Group operates, exchanging ideas and working on self-development.

Office landscape space  

The two head office buildings in Novi Sad and Belgrade are arranged according to the office landscape concept, which means there are no fixed work spaces, but employees choose a standard team focus place, or a place for occasional work. In addition, we are also flexible as far as the location is concerned - we operate both in Belgrade and Novi Sad.  

#wesupport the culture 

Erste Bank is a proud partner of a number of art festivals and a sponsor of various culture events, which brings us the opportunity to visit exhibitions, concerts, theaters.

Employees receive the jubilee award

We appreciate the experience of our employees, so we have a jubilee award for our employees- some of us celebrate 30 or even 40 years at the Bank. In addition to the jubilee award, for this special occasion we are also rewarded with a day off. 


Kids day & New Year’s packages 

We value celebrating the holidays within the family, so on holidays we gather the children of employees to spend time together, and we also gift vouchers for the purchase of toys in some of the best toy stores in the country. 

Corporate social responsibility 

We consider corporate social responsibility to be a strategic framework for company management, which is based on investment in long-term and stable relationships with all key stakeholders, as well as on the commitment to actively contribute to development and well-being of the society of which we are an integral part. 

Flexible working hours

There is an option of flexible working hours depending on the position.

Recreation and health

In addition to marathons and other sport events, there is an option for recreation at the workplace through the “Erste Balance” program. Health is a priority to us, so each employee is provided with an annual general medical examination at a private health institution, as well as with discounts on medical examinations. 

Development at Erste Bank

At Erste Bank, we learn about and work on self-development on a daily basis, through challenging tasks and cooperation with experienced colleagues, through various learning and training programs, job rotation opportunities, as well as international experience. We are inspired to proactively participate in personal development. 

Below are some of the programs we implement for our employees in cooperation with colleagues, partners and Erste Group:


Current vacancies 

Personal data protection

All personal data stated in the biography submitted by the candidates during the selection are processed in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of the RS”, 87/2018)

By submitting your CV, it is deemed you have granted your consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of candidate selection for a position that is adequate to the education and work experience of the candidate.

Controller of personal data: 

Erste bank ad Novi Sad, 5 Bulevar oslobođenja, Novi Sad, 21101, 

RN 08063818, TIN 101626723

Data processed during the selection:

During the selection, the Controller only processes the data submitted through the application and biography of the candidate (e.g. name and surname, e-mail address, etc.), as well as the test results of the candidate.

Who keeps the data of the candidate?

The data submitted during the application are collected and kept by the Human Resources Service. 

For how long is the data stored?

The personal data of the candidates who submitted their biography are stored for as long as the purpose for their processing lasts, or until the end of the selection of candidates for the position the candidate applied for. If the candidate provides their explicit agreement, their biography will be stored for two years from the end of the selection, in case a vacancy adequate to the education, work experience and skills of the candidate becomes available in the respective period.

In case the candidate sent his/her CV at a time when no position adequate to his/her education, work experience and skills was open, the data sent by the candidate will be stored for two years from the date of CV submission. 

Cessation of data processing

By revoking the consent, the candidate may also revoke data processing prior to the processing period.

The rights of the candidates

Candidates may at any time request information on where the data submitted for  application are stored, as well as request correction, addition, transfer or deletion of the data stated in the submitted CV.

Should the candidate deem that his/her right guaranteed under the Law on Personal Data Protection has been violated, a complaint to the Controller may be submitted at: (mail) or by mail to: Person for personal data protection, Legal Service, 3a Bulevar Milutina Milankovića, Novi Beograd 11070. Also, the candidate may contact the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

Data protection measures

During data collection and processing, the Bank, as the Data Manager, acts in accordance with the obligations set out in the Law on Personal Data Protection and undertakes all organizational, technical and personnel data protection measures.

The processing of personal data of employees (private individuals who conclude an agreement with the bank after the selection of candidates) is not the subject of this Notice. 

Internships and scholarships

If you are a student or a graduate, an internship is a crucial step for your professional development.

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