Insurance products in cooperation with Wiener Städtische Insurance

Erste Bank expanded its range of services by selling insurance policies at its counters, in cooperation with Wiener Städtische Insurance. We want to service your needs better through additional financial services.



Five insurance products are offered at our counters:


  • Property insurance against basic and additional risks
  • Comprehensive insurance of new motor vehicles
  • Endowment life insurance with savings features
  • Endowment life insurance with additional insurance against the consequences of accident
  • Temporary life insurance in case of death
  • Insurance of persons during their travel and stay abroad (travel insurance)

One of the most attractive and most popular insurance products of Wiener Städtische insurance company, offered by Erste Bank through its sales network, is endowment insurance, the so-called Classic programme. In this way, security is acquired for more mature age. During the agreed period, in the form of savings, the policyholder sets aside a certain amount of money at will, leaving it for the future, while simultaneously their life is insured for the entire period of insurance. The advantage of the Classic programme stems from the fact that it contains elements of savings in it and that, in the case of death of the policyholder, it immediately takes care of their family members.

If you wish to become a user of some of the insurance products or to get more detailed information about the products, visit us at your nearest Erste Bank branch or call as at our toll-free Erste phone number 0800/201 201.

For more detailed information about our products, you can also visit Wiener Städtische Insurance website.