Western Union

Western Union is the leading global system for electronic money transfer, present at 386,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories in the world, which has been enabling fast and reliable money transfer to its users for more than 150 years already. The basic characteristics of money transfer via Western Union are: SPEED, SECURITY AND CONFIDENCE.
Erste Bank, as one of its agents, enables all Western Union users to receive money at its points of sale throughout the country.

Each year, Eki Transfers, Western Union agent for Serbia and Montenegro, implements the Staff Incentive Programme for the purpose of improving the quality of service. By this programme, Western Union and Eki Transfers reward the best locations within each bank, observed from the aspect of:

  • the number of transactions paid
  • the appearance of the location itself and the display of WU advertising material
  • kindness and professionalism in job performance