Visa payment cards

VISA payment cards are international cards accepted throughout the world because of the security and flexibility they provide. They are used for the payment for goods and services at over 24 million points of sale, as well as for cash withdrawal at more than 1,000,000 ATMs with VISA logo in 162 countries all over the world.

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VISA Electron card is an identification card linked to dinar current account and to transfer accounts of farms. With this card, you can withdraw cash and pay for goods and services throughout the country and the world, at all points with VISA Electron logo, up to the amount of available funds in your current account.

VISA Classic is an international credit card linked to revolving credit account. It can be used at terminals with VISA logo in the country and abroad for the payment for goods and services and for cash withdrawal at ATMs, up to the amount of agreed credit limit. VISA Classic card can be used for payment on the internet, and additional security is provided by the Verified by VISA service. For transactions abroad, the Bank will charge the account in dinars after conversion at the Bank’s selling rate. An optional travel insurance policy is offered along with VISA Classic credit card.

Minimum loan amount is RSD 10,000 and maximum amount is 6 average monthly net incomes, up to RSD 400,000.
A revolving loan is a loan that is constantly rolled over. With the revolving loan, the Visa credit card holder is approved a predefined limit. By making payments using the Visa credit card, the limit decreases and is restored immediately after the payment of due instalment by the amount paid in.

VISA Gold card is an international card linked to revolving loan. The card is primarily intended for payment for goods and services and for cash withdrawal at ATMs with VISA logo, up to the available amount and in accordance with the agreed credit limit. For transactions abroad, the Bank will make a conversion into dinars at the Bank's selling rate and charge your credit account in dinars.

VISA gift card is an international payment card that can be used for payment for goods and services in stores in the country and abroad, as well as over the Internet, wherever the logo is displayed. We deliver the card packaged in a beautifully designed greeting-card wrapper. You yourself choose the specific gift amount.

Basic information about the card:

  • Prepaid payment card – the holder may only use the amount previously deposited in the account to which the card is linked;
  • Card validity period of maximum two years;
  • Minimum deposit of RSD 1,000;
  • Maximum deposit of RSD 500,000, and maximum total deposit of RSD 1,000,000;
  • Unlimited number of deposits;
  • Non-personalised card – the holder's name is not printed on the card;
  • Solely the person signed on the back of the card has the right to use the card;
  • International payment card that can be used for payment for goods and services in the country and abroad, wherever VISA Electron logo is displayed;
  • Payment over the Internet, with optional activation of 3D Secure service;
  • No PIN is issued with the card and it cannot be used at ATMs;