VISA Business Electron Card

VISA Business Electron card is an international card linked to corporate dinar transaction account. It may be used for the payment of goods and services and for cash withdrawal within defined limits at all points of sale and ATMs in the country and abroad with a VISA electron sign displayed, as well as for online payments. For transactions abroad, the Bank will make a conversion into dinars at the Bank’s selling rate and debit the corporate current account in dinars. VISA Business electron card simplifies the payment of everyday expenses. With it, you can quickly and easily pay for your expenses of entertainment, business trips, vehicles, office supplies etc.

Basic features of VISA Business Electron card:

  • Debit card
  • Card validity period: 2 years

Benefits of VISA Business Electron card

international payment card

CHIP card – increasing safety and almost entirely preventing abuse

Your funds are available to you 24/7, anywhere in the world

PIN change at Erste Bank ATMs

the number of cardholders is unlimited

In addition to all of the above, you may use the following additional benefits as well:

delivery of account statements to the address of the enterprise

balance inquiry at ATM

review of balance and transactions by means of NetBanking

How to Become a Cardholder

The condition for obtaining a VISA Business Electron card is a dinar transaction account with the Bank.
The Bank issues the card, at the request of the corporate, to the persons specified in the VISA Business Card Application. The VISA Business Card application is submitted by the person authorised to represent the corporate. The application contains general and financial data on the applicant, as well as the data on the authorised cardholders for which the card issuance is requested, including total limit and limits for individual authorised cardholders. Along with the application, the applicant also encloses all necessary documents based on which the Bank makes the Card Issuance Decision.

For a corporate to become a cardholder of VISA Business Electron card, it should contact its bank officer at the Bank’s point of sale. The bank officer will answer all additional questions of the interested cardholder and lead it through the card issuance process. The person authorised to represent the corporate contacts the Bank and concludes all agreements.
You may take your card from the bank officer to whom you submitted your application.


Completed and certified VISA Business Card Application

Photocopy of ID card

Form OP (unless there is one at the Registry Office)

Copy of the Registration Decision (unless there is one at the Registry Office)

Copy of the list of specimen signatures (unless there is one at the Registry Office)

Copy of the statistical form (unless there is one at the Registry Office)


The Bank retains the right to request additional documents

If the customer previously submitted to the Bank some of the documents specified above, it is not obliged to submit them again