Sport Sponsorships – Cooperation of Erste Bank and Viktor Troicki

Erste Bank and Viktor Troicki, well-known Serbian tennis player, a regular member of the Serbian Davis Cup Team and a winner of the most prestigious team tennis trophey - Davis Cup (2010), are continuing successfully many years of partnership initiated back in 2008 when Viktor, a 114th-ranked player in the world at that moment, was just a “promising boy ”. Presently this 26-year-old young man has one ATP singles title won, several prestigious doubles titles, a lot of exciting semi-final and final tennis matches, and he ended year 2011 in the 22nd position in the ATP rankings, in addition to his best career ranking ever – 12th position in May, 2011. Mutual cooperation means that Erste Bank provides financial support to Viktor's tennis activities, and in return, Viktor participates in promotional activities as the first face of Erste Bank, in accordance with his schedule and duties.

Viktor has been a well-recognised representative face of Erste Bank Serbia for a long time and without equal, the most famous ambassador and promoter of Erste brand  throughout the world. Viktor does not hide that he is pleased with the continuation of cooperation and  he points out how much a unique financial support of Erste Bank in 2008 meant to his further career progress: "I am very happy about the continuation of cooperation with Erste Bank, especially because I expect a lot from myself in upcoming period – first of all to get back in the top 20 in the world, good playing in the Davis Cup team and still a lot more ATP singles titles. I firmly believe that with the support and cheering of Erste Bank staff I can, by giving a maximum effort, achieve a lot and possibly win a medal at the Olympic Games in London, which would make my childhood dream come true!" Considering that he's been overscheduled regarding tennis matches this year, Viktor hopes to be able to shoot at least one commercial spot for Erste Bank and to show a notable progress in that "court", as well.

"We believe that Viktor's constant tennis progress, and he himself overall maturing as a young man, as well, are good indicators of how a timely support provided by a partner can be "an additional booster" even in case of the most talented sportspersons, which is what Viktor certainly is, and we are particularly happy that Erste Bank has appeared for the first time at the Olympic Games in London – on Viktor Troicki's left T-shirt sleeve, said Manuela Stamatović Head of Marketing Division at Erste Bank.

Viktor Troicki started playing tennis when he was only 5, influenced by his father Aleksandar, originally from Russia (what is interesting is that it was in Moscow that Viktor won his so far the only ATP title in 2010). Viktor is one of the few top tennis players who regularly attended both his elementary and secondary schoool and who is still living at the same address, and he is most definitely the only tennis player who came to the first match at  the Serbia Open tennis tournament in 2010 by public transport! When the car intended for his transport got back without Viktor, pursuit ensued until the very moment Viktor calmly walked in, with a tennis backpack on his back, saying: "I have spent half of my life going to my tennis  practices on foot or by bus from one bus stop to these tennis courts, so I can't find any single reason why I should change anything about that now.. ".