Short-Term Loans

Liquidity loan
Helps in meeting daily or occasional need for funds.

Loan for exports preparation
Approved based on the Export Agreement, enclosed export customs declaration or opened vostro letter of credit.

Enables simple withdrawal of necessary liquid funds.

Working asset loan
This loan is used for funding the procurement of supplies, paying accounts payable, as well as for financing minor facilities (buildings, for example), whose construction can take less than a year.

Loan backed with 100% cash deposit/pledge of commission placements with a bank guarantee

Revolving loan
This loan enables the disbursement and repayment of funds according to the needs of customers and is used for occasional liquidity purposes, as well as for financing additional needs for working assets.

Short-term letter of credit limit

Short-term guarantee limit

Short-term framework multipurpose limit
Multipurpose limit satisfies the needs of customers for loans and emergency borrowing by which they cover the opening of letters of credit with different maturities or based on which they issue different types of dinar and foreign currency payment bonds and performance bonds.