imageCustody bank

Custody bank provides the following services:

  • Services of opening and managing securities account with the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House (hereinafter: Central Registry), on one's own behalf, and for the account of the custody bank’s client (custody account)
  • Services of opening and managing cash accounts and transfer of funds based on the client’s instructions
  • Keeping financial instruments and funds on accounts
  • Administration of financial instruments and funds i.e. clearing and balancing of transactions including payment (DvP, RvP), execution of transactions excluding payment
  • (DF, RF) and other cash transfers
  • Collection of revenue generated on financial instruments (dividends, principals, interests, coupons and other revenues)
  • Notification regarding corporate events, exercising the rights arising from financial instruments and execution of orders for corporate activities
  • Notification of clients
  • The Custody Bank’s services for local collective investment institutions stipulated by the Law on Investment Funds and Law on Voluntary Pension Funds and Pension Plans
  • Services of foreign exchange operations with reference to the provision of investment services
  • Execution of orders for transfer of rights in respect of securities and orders for registration of third parties’ rights in respect of securities and manages the transfer of rights in respect of such securities
  • Other services related to financial instruments which are agreed between the Client and the Custody Bank, and which are not contrary to LCM