Securities Commission

Securities Commission is an independent and stand-alone institution. It is liable for its work directly to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.Members of the commission are elected by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

The Commission consists of:

  • Commission Chairperson
  • Commission Members
  • CommissionSecretary

Securities Commission is responsible for legitimate functioning of securities market, with the aim of protecting investors and providing fairness, efficiency and transparency of that market. In that sense, supervision is performed by the Commission with reference to the enforcement of law and by-laws that financial market is regulated by.

All of the financial market participants are supervised by the Commission including market organisor (stock exchange), investment companies, securities issuer and investor, as well.

Competencies and authorisations of the Securities Commission are regulated by:


1. Law on Capital Market;

2. Law on Taking-Over of Joint Stock Companies and

3. Law on Investment Funds.


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