Revolving Loans

Revolving loans are used for funding short-term needs for working capital and maintenance of liquidity – the borrower may draw down or repay the funds solely based on its needs and capacity up to the amount of the approved loan, with a mandatory announcement of each tranche drawdown to the Bank.

A mandatory precondition for using this product is a current account with the Bank..

Maximum loan amount

based on the customer’s credit standing


up to 12 months; the loan must be fully repaid by the maturity date; any new approval may occur only after reviewing the customer’s financial standing again

Loan security instruments

adequate number of bills of exchange and contractual authorisations of the applicant and other in accordance with the Bank’s credit policy and Bank Collateral Catalogue

Repayment method

successively, as agreed with the customer, but not later than on the maturity date

Loan types

dinar loan, dinar loan with a currency clause, foreign currency loan (in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations)

Interest and fees

based on credit standing and income level