imageRenewable energy

Project Financing

We have, among the first, recognized the importance and the potential of the projects which use renewable energy sources and defined the procedure for their financing. Until now, we have used over EUR 45 mn to finance the construction of the plants of total power of 30 MW, which use renewable energy sources. The plants are 18 small hydropower plants, 2 biofuel plants, 2 solar plants, and one wind farm.

Basic characteristics of financing projects that use renewable energy

- Long-term financing for up to 12 years
- Possibility of getting grace period depending on the project
- Possibility of the interest accrual during grace period
- Individual approach to each client


Until now, we have used EUR 5.5 mn for financing pellet production. Even though it is not a renewable energy source, pellet is high-energy ecological fuel which is derived from biomass. The most important element is the economic viability of thermal energy derived from pellet which is as twice as cheaper in comparison to those which are derived from fossil fuel.

It is very important for us to understand the financing process itself and all the technical aspects important for the success of any project. Until now, we have gained significant experience through the cooperation with various contractors, going through all the realization phases and we can share the gained knowledge with new clients and ensure the profitability of project and investment together.