Credit Lines Related to the Business Account

Credit lines related to the business account refer to the use of funds over the amount of available funds in the current account or up to the allowed overdraft limit. The main precondition for the use of this product is a current account  with the Bank.

The purpose of the credit line is to fund occasional needs for additional working capital or occasionally fund current liquidity.

Maximum loan amount

Limit is 8.5% of the account receivable turnover in the last 6 months for the overdraft and business cards together, and in accordance with the credit ability of the customer


up to 12 months

Loan security instruments

adequate number of bills of exchange and contractual authorisations of the applicant and other in accordance with the Bank’s credit policy and Bank Collateral Catalogue

Customer status


Interest and fees

based on credit standing and income level


the loan is approved to legal entities and entrepreneurs that cumulatively meet the following conditions:

- they have a current account with the Bank
- they regularly settle their obligations to the Bank
- their account was not blocked in the past 12 months for 5 consecutive days or 10 days in total
- they have 2 (two) certified financial statements and operate continuously