Project Financing

Through the Erste project financing, we find the best model for financing your project or refinancing the already existing property. Our know-how is based on the cash flow analysis of the project itself, so the loan structure is tailored to the project based on the cash flow.

Erste Group offers the following services to its customers:

  • Financing the development of property by granting medium-term loans for housing developments and granting long-term loans for investment in commercial developments
  • Refinancing the existing property by long-term loans for commercial property refinancing
  • Financing the construction of tourist facilities if an agreement with an international hotel operator is provided

The benefits of project financing with Erste Group are:

  • Secure investment for the investor
  • Faster construction – sufficient amount of money for construction
  • Faster sale of flats (in project financing of housing facilities) – affordable housing loans with Erste Bank
  • The emphasis is placed on the project analysis rather than on the enterprise analysis
  • The project repays itself
  • The project does not engage any additional collateral of the investor
  • In financing commercial facilities, the loan repayment period of even up to 15 years

For more detailed information about the Erste Group products in connection with financing and with other services related to your property, as well as for contact details, visit the website of Erste Group Immorent: