Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Dialogue

At Erste Group, the concept of performance management unites Business Performance or the “what we do” with Competency Performance or the “how we do it”. By performing their daily tasks all employees contribute to the company’s overall goals and, thus, to the company’s success.

The Performance Appraisal Dialogue (PAD) is the heart of Performance Management tools available to managers and employees in Erste Group. The purpose is for managers and their team members to discuss and agree on SMART business and competency objectives together, in the context of the overall organisational objectives and goals.


360° Leadership Appraisal

Erste Group has a company-wide competency matrix that represents the leadership competencies required for all management and non-management levels. In order to support leadership development group-wide, Erste Groupimplements a multi-source feedback tool every year: the 360° Leadership Appraisal.

Managers and some of its senior professionals are given the opportunity to receive structured, extensive and individualized input from their colleagues in the working environment regarding their leadership competencies. The main objective of this tool is to provide a foundation for both their personal and professional development of their leadership skills.