NovoMob is the simplest and fastest way of viewing the balance in the account by means of mobile phone and is intended for individuals and enterprises.

The service is based on SMS messages and offers two types of notices.

Notice at request is obtained by sending an SMS message to 1333. The message text should be the word STANJE (BALANCE) (or, if you have multiple accounts (current account, credit account, special-purpose account...), STANJE1, STANJE2...). In just a few seconds, you will receive a reply containing the balance in your account and the information about the last three entries.

Automatic notices (alarms) are defined by you when completing the Application Form. NovoMob offers the possibility of sending you every day, at the time that you define yourself, via an SMS message, the information about the account balance (regardless of whether there was any change or not), of informing you every time when cash inflow to or cash outflow from your account is higher than the amount defined by yourself and when the account balance becomes higher or lower than the amount that you entered when completing the Application Form.

In order to use NovoMob, you do not need anything except a mobile phone. If you are a customer of Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad and if you know how to send and receive SMS messages, you can use NovoMob. You can get the Application Form at the point of sale at which you opened your account.

For any additional information about NovoMob, please contact the E-banking Department of Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad by phone at 021/423-364 or by e-mail.