NovoKlik is an e-banking service intended for enterprises and other legal entities. It is based on Halcom Personal E-bank programme.

NovoKlik has everything you need for managing the cash of your enterprise. It provides view of the balance and transactions in all accounts of the enterprise (dinar accounts and foreign currency accounts, those  with Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad or with other banks supporting Halcom) and dinar and foreign currency payments. In addition, there are many other programme options that will make your business more efficient and faster:

  • use of the payment order that you have already sent in order to create a new one more easily
  • account statement printing
  • assigning different authorisations to employees
  • submission of orders with value dates set in advance
  • batch sending of orders
  • left-hand-side and right-hand-side signatory
  • remote signing

NovoKlik is easy, working in its very intuitive environment can be learned quickly, and there is also a comprehensive user manual. The service is safe because you are protected by PIN code and smart card. NovoKlik saves your time and money. The fee for the payment orders sent via this system is 20 per cent lower than the fee for payment orders submitted at the Bank’s point of sale. In addition to the programme version in Serbian we provide a version in English as well.

In order to use the NovoKlik service, it is necessary to have a computer with Internet access. Everything else can be delivered to you by Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad.

For any additional information about NovoKlik, please contact the E-banking Department of Erste Bank a. d. Novi Sad by phone at 021/423-364 or by e-mail: