MasterCard Secure Code

MasterCard SecureCode is a free service of secure online shopping by using MasterCard and Maestro cards. When making a purchase, you confirm your identity to the Bank by your personal password – similar to using a PIN at an ATM. The password entering and verification is conducted solely between you and the Bank and the online merchant cannot access the data exchanged. In that way, only you can use the card at the online merchants that support payment via MasterCard SecureCode service. A personal message that you yourself entered will appear on the screen so that you can be sure that you are communicating with the Bank.

No new card or special software on the computer is necessary for using the service. The service is totally free of charge.

The use of the service is secure and simple and takes place in just a few steps:

1. Activate MasterCard SecureCode service during the first purchase at an online store that supports the abovementioned service and has MasterCard SecureCode logo displayed.

2. Upon activation, set your personal SecureCode password. No one except you and the Bank can access that password (not even the merchant)

3. When making each subsequent online payment, enter your password and buy securely online! Look for MasterCard SecureCode logo at 500,000 points of sale in the world and shop safely!

When shopping on the websites having MasterCard SecureCode logo, activation can be rejected 3 times. If you reject the third call to register the card for the use of this service, the payment will be made, but the card will be blocked for secure online purchases. This will not affect the use of the card at regular POS terminals at stores and ATMs, as well as on the websites not having MasterCard SecureCode logo displayed. In order to be able to shop again on secure websites (those having the abovementioned logo displayed) and in order to be offered again to register for the use of this service, please send an e-mail to with the following content:

I request the unblocking of the card no. XXXX (enter the last 4 digits of the card number here – the 16-digit number on the front of the card) linked to individual account no. 340-XXXXXXXX-XX (enter the account number here) for secure online payments. The card is blocked because the registration was rejected 3 times. My personal ID number is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (specify your personal ID number here). The phone numbers at which you can contact me are: (specify all your phone numbers here).