Loans for Export Operations and Export Preparation

Loans for export operations and export preparation are intended for encouraging exports and ensuring balanced cash flow of exporters. The loan is approved by linking it to the SAD (Single Administrative Document), export agreement, purchase of vostro letters of credit and similar. Since the loan is approved for a specific purpose, the borrower is obliged to submit to the Bank the proof of the use of funds during the loan utilisation period

Maximum loan amount

up to 100% of the SAD or export agreement or foreign currency inflow (received SWIFT message), vostro letter of credit opened


up to 12 months

Loan security instruments

adequate number of bills of exchange and contractual authorisations of the applicant and other in accordance with the Bank’s credit policy

Repayment method

one-time, semi-annually, six-monthly, quarterly, three-monthly,  monthly

Loan types

dinar loan with a currency clause, foreign currency loan (in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations)

Interest and fees

based on credit standing and income level


foreign currency inflow from the funded transaction (assignment) must be directed to the Bank