Loans For Corporates

Enables simple withdrawal of necessary liquid funds.

Revolving loan
This loan enables the use and return of funds according to clients' needs and is used for interim maintenance of liquidity, as well as financing of additional need for working capital.

Working Capital and Permanent Working Capital loan
This loan finances working capital, i.e. increases the turnover and income with constant cash flow, as well as financing of permanent working capital necessary for stable operations of a company.

Loan for exports preparation and export
Approved based on the Export Agreement, enclosed export customs declaration or opened vostro letter of credit.

Investment loans
Approved when the customer needs new equipment or property, for the purpose of modernising or improving the business based on the business plan.

Framework Multi-Purpose limit

Framework Multi-Purpose limit is an engagement with the client within which all types of short-term and long-term products can be approved (loans, guarantees, letters of credit, discount, mandatory letters of intents and other products from the offer).