Housing loans

Do you live in a rented flat and pay a high rent, or live with your parents or has your flat become too small for your expanding family? It is time to invest in your own property. Move into your own home! Use all the benefits that we are offering, solve your housing problem, get your own home in the fastest and simplest way.

Erste Bank housing loans enable you to purchase or construct a flat, part of a flat or a house or refinance a housing loan approved by another bank, undertake construction approved by another bank, purchase a prefabricated house, purchase a housing property under construction in accordance with the Agreement on Business Cooperation between Erste Bank and the project developer in line with Erste Bank Project Financing Programme, or purchase a housing property which is part of a multifamily housing project. For a personalised offer tailored to your needs and requirements, please visit Erste Bank branches.

Note: RS citizenship and permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia is required.

The following is made available to flat buyers:

  • A faster loan approval process
  • Legal support and expert assistance
  • Contact with real estate agents

Loan security:

  • Loan insurance  with the National Mortgage Insurance Corporation
  • First mortgage or second mortgage (only if first mortgage is registered in favour of Erste Bank)
  • Blank promissory note
  • Insurance policy on the property that is the subject of mortgage, endorsed in favour of the bank

Additional loan security is a life insurance policy endorsed in favour of the bank.

If you prefer to get additional information by phone, you can choose the option “Order a call“ on top of the page or call 0800 201 201 and immediately schedule a meeting with our loan advisor.