Group Career Management

Talent Career Management

At Erste Group we want you to be the best you can be. Are you aware of your natural strengths, the things that you do better than most people? Then leverage them in your career.

We believe that if you enjoy what you do, you will do it better. And if you add passion and willingness to work on your personal development, you may be identified as one of our talents.

Talents are over-performing employees who also demonstrate a high potential for future growth. To become one of them, you need to prove yourself in terms of performance and pass a nomination and selection process that also evaluates your potential for growth.

Often, high potential is confused with degrees, job titles, or experience. True potential, however, doesn’t come from your status, but from your aptitude and actions.

If you

  • take charge of your own career within Erste Group
  • invest time in your development
  • build up networks
  • look for opportunities to grow
  • always act in a respectful and ethical way

then you are fulfilling all the right preconditions to be considered for our Talent Career Management (TCM) initiative.

Erste Group’s TCM can open up new opportunities for you. It not only gives you access to state-of-the-art development programmes and career support but also represents an invaluable networking platform. It contributes to bringing our next generation of leaders to a new level in terms of leadership culture, sense of common purpose, shared values and attitudes. Internationally diverse classes make learning and reflecting especially intensive and deliver an impactful experience.

As one of the TCM participants has put it:
“… we saw and learnt a lot – but the most important, and lasting, part of it was that we got to know each other better; we learnt to understand and accept different viewpoints; we got rid of some of our prejudices and we now know whom to turn to, if we have a problem.”

Talents who are ready to take ownership, who are willing to challenge themselves and reflect on their own behaviour will build the future of Erste Group.

Professional Trainings

In most of our business areas employees can attend specially designed vocational trainings. These range from highly-structured 'Colleges' that focus on broad functional know-how to initiatives addressing specific needs of a business area like e.g. job rotations or international task-forces.

Through these offers, the employees get an opportunity to learn in diverse cultural settings and better understand our core region. Moreover, they collaborate across borders, give mutual support, learn from one another and nurture social contacts.

Internal Job Market

As part of our efforts to become the industry‘s most attractive employer, we offer a group-wide cross-border internal job market, across all 8 markets, to encourage and facilitate mobility within Erste Group. Employees can track career opportunities in the internal job market and get support in their personal development. The process guarantees fairness and transparency in the advancement of individual employees.