Environmental protection


Environmental and social issues are an obligation of any individual and institution to make the resources we dispose of today available for the coming generations.

Erste Bank assigns maximum significance to the environmental and social protection, and the balanced relation of sustainable economic development, on the one hand, and environmental and social issues, on the other hand, are considered to be one of its priorities.

In light of this, the Bank has adopted Environmental and Social Policy defining not only the operation of the Bank and all of its organisational parts, but it also prescribes the standards necessary to be met by our clients and business partners to ensure the operation in accordance with the best world practices within this domain.

Some of the aspects covered by this Policy include the following:

  • Environmental and Social Appraisal and Management
  • Pollution Prevention and Abatement
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management
  • Labour and Working Conditions
  • Community Health, Safety and Security
  • Land Acquisition, Involuntary Resettlement and Economic Displacement
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Engagement


If you have any questions, suggestions, and applications regarding the environmental and social issues, you may contact us to e-mail address: ZivotnaSredina@erstebank.rs.