EU Office

Erste Bank Group created a unique EU Office concept with the aim of providing its customers with a complete one-stop service, from providing information to preparing project documents when applying with projects for  European Union financing.

The Erste Bank strategy is based on the vast experience in this area acquired by the Bank since 1995/96. The Vienna EU Office is in charge of consulting support and coordination of local offices in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and now in Serbia as well. In addition to providing information on subsidies from the EU funds, the customer support also includes, inter alia, the provision of contacts for government authorities, business associations and central banks, special services for small and medium-sized enterprises, including the organisation of seminars, access to internet database and similar.

As part of the Erste Bank EU Office concept, special attention is paid to informing and advising customers regarding the accession to the European Union. Precisely for that reason, Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad launched Erste EU Monitor, a new communication channel for customers, employees and friends of Erste Bank interested in current developments in connection with the European Union. The objective of Erste EU Monitor is to help small and medium-sized enterprises interested in using the pre-accession funds and other available financial support programmes in connection with the progress of Serbia in the EU accession process. In addition, we shall regularly monitor other current developments in the European Union itself and in the region.

Erste EU Monitor is a monthly, and in each issue there is news in connection with current pre-accession funds and with the programmes available to the private sector and local communities, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, special attention is paid to the progress that Serbia made in the process of concluding the EU Stabilisation and Association Agreement and in the process of harmonising legislation. We shall also try to communicate to the readers of Erste EU Monitor the experiences of other countries that have already passed this road.

Erste EU Monitor is just the first step in that direction. The next activity is the creation of a service within Erste Bank that, in the near future, will be able to offer a complete service to present and future customers of the Bank, from providing information to preparing project documents when applying with projects for financing. In addition, the objective of the Bank is also the development of banking products that will make the preparation for the market competition in the large common market of the European Union easier to its customers.

Contact person for any additional information:

Mirjana Šakić

Milutina Milankovića 11b, 11070 Novi Beograd

Phone:  +381 11 20 15 076, +381 60 87 47 619