You may perform entire payment operations of your company through Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad via a computer.
You may deliver payment orders and have insight into your accounts without going to the bank. Become a user of the NovoKlik service of Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad

In that regard, Erste Bank offers you the following:


  • The main advantage of Halcom is that 70% of banks in Serbia use the Halcom solution – the customer may have several accounts in different banks and have access to all its accounts in all banks having the Halcom solution using just one card
  • Extremely important for the accounting agencies taking care of many accounts in different banks. They have access to all accounts at the same time
  • High level of security because of Smart Cards/PKI use
  • The phone line is minimally busy (for a few seconds  up to a couple of minutes); offline data preparation


  • Intended for corporates with a lower volume of transactions
  • WEB-solution-based online application
  • Security is ensured by using TAN table

Office Banking

  • Purpose: Office Banking is an e-banking service which enables small and medium enterprises execution and overview of financial transactions of RSD payment transactions and insight in the balance of their current accounts. The client has the possibility to have numerous accounts in different banks and to have the insight in all accounts in all banks which have Asseco solutions with only one card.
  • Access manner: Through Asseco application which enables offline data preparation
  • Identification manner: Smart Card
  • Documentation necessary for service activation: Corporate E-Banking Service Application, General Terms of Use of E-Banking Services for Corporate, Entrepreneurs and Free Professions