You may perform entire payment operations of your company through Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad via a computer.
You may deliver payment orders and have insight into your accounts without going to the bank. Become a user of the NovoKlik service of Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad

In that regard, Erste Bank offers you the following:


  • The main advantage of Halcom is that 70% of banks in Serbia use the Halcom solution – the customer may have several accounts in different banks and have access to all its accounts in all banks having the Halcom solution using just one card
  • Extremely important for the accounting agencies taking care of many accounts in different banks. They have access to all accounts at the same time
  • High level of security because of Smart Cards/PKI use
  • The phone line is minimally busy (for a few seconds  up to a couple of minutes); offline data preparation


  • Intended for corporates with a lower volume of transactions
  • WEB-solution-based online application
  • Security is ensured by using TAN table