Loans 100% Covered by Cash Deposit / Pledge of Commission-Based Placements / Pledge of Securities

Loans covered by cash deposit serves for funding long-term needs of borrowers, where the following may be used as loan security:

  • a 100% cash deposit in dinars or foreign currency
  • a guarantee from a bank acceptable to Erste Bank
  • a bill of exchange guaranteed by a bank acceptable to Erste Bank 
  • securities of the Republic of Serbia

Maximum amount

100% of the deposit offered or 100% of the market value of securities

Repayment period

- up to 60 months with the possibility of approving a grace period of up to 12 months

- The grace period is included in the loan repayment period

Repayment method

Instalments:  one-time, annually, twelve-monthly, semi-annually, six-monthly, quarterly, three-monthly or monthly

Interest and fees

Based on credit standing and income level

Security instruments

Adequate number of bills of exchange and contractual authorisations of the applicant and other in accordance with the Bank’s credit policy and Bank Collateral Catalogue

Loan types

Dinar loan, dinar loan with a currency clause and foreign currency loan (in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations)


- The maturity of the deposit, commission-based placements or securities serving as collateral must be at least ten working days longer than the loan maturity

- The loan may be repaid using the funds of the blocked deposit

- The loan security instruments must remain blocked until the final loan repayment