Corporate Service Centre

Dear customers,

In order to improve the service we provide to your company, we have established the Corporate Service Centre in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Stara Pazova ( The Centre has been operational since 15 October.

The main goal of establishing the Corporate Service Centre is the provision of higher-quality and more efficient service to our customers. The Corporate Service Centre will provide you with the following services:

  • receipt of status documents for transaction accounts (dinar and foreign currency)
  • foreign currency purchase and sale (foreign currency purchase, forward foreign currency sale)
  • receipt of documents for foreign payments
  • receipt of documents and issuance of certificates in depositing/withdrawing initial capital
  • making term deposits using your surplus liquid funds in dinar and foreign currency accounts
  • provision of different certificates and document copies
  • assistance in complaint handling

If you use our services in Novi Sad, for the performance of these activities you will have at your disposal: