Club 27

Erste Bank is organising the fifth competition for new members of Club 27. Our goal is to promote active, talented and creative young people with this programme and to help them get well-deserved public recognition for their work and results.

The idea of the programme is to reward and promote young people who:

- achieve remarkable results in the fields in which they are engaged

- encourage inclusion of others in the work in the fields in which they are engaged

- develop a value system in which professional success is as important as the responsibility to the community in which they live

A candidate meeting the competition requirements:

- is over 16 and under 27 (the candidate must have turned 16 years of age on the competition opening date and must not have turned 27 years of age on the competition closing date)

- has achieved results (any engagement broader than the mandatory – initiating and/or participating in special or innovative projects in the field of formal education, awards won etc.) in one of the following three fields:    

  1. Natural sciences and technical and technological field – physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, mathematics, IT, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture and similar.
  2. Art           1.  painting, sculpture, costume design, film, photography and other
                    2.  theatre, acting, music, dance and other 
  3. Social sciences and humanities – history, philology, law, economics, political science, philosophy, literature, journalism, social work, psychology and other

- has achieved success in promoting the fields in which he/she is engaged (by writing articles, founding and/or promoting clubs, sections, lectures and similar)

- has the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia and permanent residence in the territory of Serbia

These will be the ranking criteria at the same time.

In deciding on the shortlist, the jury will also evaluate any possible participation of applicants in initiating and developing projects and/or launching initiatives in the community for the benefit of a larger group of people and wider community.

Application is made by completing the form, electronically only, via Internet portal. The form may only be completed in Serbian. You may also find more details on the awards and other relevant information on the competition on this portal.

The candidates may apply by themselves but third parties may submit applications for them as well.

The application deadline is midnight, 24 February 2012.