Centrifuge (Centrifuga)

Centrifuge 2011

This year’s grants in the total amount of 2.5 million dinars, provided by Erste Bank, were awarded to youth organisations from eight towns of Serbia.


The Centrifuge 2011 grants were awarded to the following youth organisations: civil association Eco Voice, Jagodina, informal youth group Cultural Network, Banovci, non-governmental organisation Positive Youth, Kraljevo, informal group Generator, Anomaly and Party, Požega, informal group Urban Youth, Novi Pazar, civil association Vido, Kragujevac, Lift Cultural Centre, Čačak and artists’ association Stairs, Šabac.

This year’s competition received 72 project applications from over 30 towns of Serbia, with most of ideas coming from Vojvodina.

The members of the Grant Award Committee were the following: Ana Sofrenović, actress, Gordan Paunović, B92 Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Dimitrije Tadić, advisor in the Department of Modern Creativity, Cultural Industry and Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Mia David, Belgrade Cultural Centre Manager, Branislav Ivin, Chairman of BCIF Board of Directors and Mirjana Šakić, Erste Bank Communication Division.  

Centrifuge was launched in 2007 with the intention of encouraging the activism of young people aged 15 to 30 and with the aim of launching creative cultural events in the places in Serbia in which Erste Bank operates, except those in the territories of the cities of Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad. The grants provide support to local, youth non-profit organisations and informal groups that deal in a creative manner with the issues of cultural activism in their places. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia also supports Centrifuge with its letter of support

As part of Centrifuge, Erste Bank has supported 35 projects from over 20 towns of Serbia over the past five years, with the total investment exceeding 150,000 euros. The Balkan Community Initiatives Fund has been Erste Bank’s partner since the start of Centrifuge.

Details about the Winners


Eco Voice, a civil association from Jagodina, is planning to launch “Our Vision of Urban Future” festival in cooperation with several organisations from Jagodina. The festival’s activities would be: art graffiti, painting, musical interpretation, hip-hop dance and art photography. The festival will be organised over several weekends in a public space in the town centre, on a summer stage that will be constructed for that occasion.

Informal youth group Cultural Network from Banovci wants to launch cultural days intended for the youth in Banovci, which would include contemporary dance workshops, sound and video editing workshops, art and environmental workshops for the youth, as well as workshops for making spears  and ceramics replicas. The results of the workshops will be displayed in public spaces in Banovci at exhibitions and the closing event.

Positive Youth, a non-governmental organisation from Kraljevo, wants to organise an educational and art performance aimed at influencing the youth to start thinking more about topics such as environmental pollution. The performance would be based on contemporary circus techniques and comedy vignettes and realised in cooperation with the Circusphere organisation from Belgrade, with the participation of the youth from Kraljevo. The performance will be preceded by juggling workshops that will be open to interested youth. A documentary film screening, a concert, as well as a festival of local rock bands are also planned as part of the project.

Informal group Generator, Anomaly and Party from Požega wants to place art in public spaces by setting up spatial and video installations, exhibiting photos collected as part of a competition, which will form stop motion installations, and by framing the sights and scenes in public spaces. The planned exhibitions and installations would be interactive and enable the participation of the youth and other citizens in their creation.

Informal group Urban Youth from Novi Pazar wants to launch a competition for short movies made with a camera or mobile phone on the subject of interculturalism, which would be intended for the youth from Novi Pazar. The most successful short films will be screened publicly at the Cultural Centre, accompanied by a public debate on the subject of interculturalism.  

Civil association Vido from Kragujevac, in cooperation with informal group Mediocracy, wants to organise a multimedia event Mediocracy, which will consist of lectures based on media archaeology and media impact analysis, with a focus on the 90s in Serbia. The lectures would be interactive and encourage the critical thinking of the youth. The event will be accompanied by an appropriate music programme by local bands, DJs and other guest musicians.