Cash Loans

If you need cash urgently, take Erste Bank dinar cash loan! An additional advantage of this loan is that you can tailor the interest rate to your needs and choose the loan purpose yourself! Namely, in addition to being able to choose whether you want a cash loan or a refinancing loan, you can also decrease the interest if you decide for some of the additional products and services of Erste Bank. 

You can refinance your obligations with other banks by Erste Bank dinar loan for refinancing. You can refinance your obligations related to current accounts, credit cards, loans, overdrafts and liabilities as well as to lease agreements of other banks. The loan amount depends on your credit standing and the maximum amount approved may be RSD 2,500,000.

Keep your money and use the Bank's money!  With a cash loan based on 100% deposit, you get the most favourable interest rate and get the money you want with minimum procedure. Why would you use this product? If you want to keep the money you have, but still have to spend it on something, place it as a deposit, take a cash loan based on 100% deposit with a far more favourable interest than a classic cash loan and, after repayment, you will have the money in your hands again.