Belgrade Stock Exchange

Belgrade stock exchange performs the activity of organising trade of financial instruments on regulated market or multilateral trade platform, which includes the following operations:

1.organisation of a general offer of securities and connecting securities offer and demand;

2.publishing information on supply, demand ad market price of securities and other data significant for securities trade;

3.determination and publishing of exchange list of securities;

4.performing other operations in line with the Law.

Stock Exchange organises trade in tender offer, and the subject of tender offer can be financial instruments that can be traded in line with the Law and acts of Securities Commission  on regulated market or multilateral trade platform.

Stock Exchange cannot trade in financial instruments, norcan give any advice on purchase and sale of financial instruments, or give any advice on selection of broker-dealer company or authorised bank. It cannot perform operations specified as activities of broker –dealer company, or other operations, apart from the above mentioned operations.


Belgrade Stock Exchange is organised as a joint stock company. Main bodies of the stock exchange are:


  1. Stock Exchange Shareholders' Assembly- all of the shareholders of the Stock Exchange are registered in the Central Securities Depository as legal shareholders on the date stipulated by the Managing Board Decision on Election Term
  2. Stock Exchange Managing Board- Managing Board consists of 11 members belonging to the Stock Exchange shareholders, elected by Stock Exchange Shareholders' Assembly at the proposal of the present Managing Board
  3. Stock Exchange Director– Stock ExchangeDirectoris business executiveof the Stock Exchange representing Stock Exchange to third parties without any restrictions and represents Stock Exchange and performs operations set out in the Founding Act


Belgrade Stock Exchange performs supervision of the Stock Exchange members and is liable for its work to the Securities Commission.



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