Dinar Accounts

In order to open an account, domestic legal entities and entrepreneurs must submit the documents specified in the list of required documents

Foreign Currency Accounts

Opening and Maintenance of Foreign Currency Account

Domestic microenterprises and entrepreneurs can open a foreign currency account with the Bank for the purpose of holding foreign currency acquired by exporting goods and services and by other legal transactions with foreign entities in the country and abroad.
In order to open a foreign currency account, domestic microenterprises and entrepreneurs must have a dinar account for performing payment operations in the country and submit a request for opening a foreign currency account.

The funds in the foreign currency account may be used for:

  • payment for imports of goods and services and payment in the country in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and in accordance with the Law on Foreign Trade Operations
  • withdrawal of cash for per diems for business trip abroad
  • sale of foreign currency to the Bank and crediting of the business account with the dinar equivalent of the sold funds